Collection: Edgär

Pop - Rock – France

Edgär is dead.
Long live Edgär!
Like a rebirth, the French duo's new album plunges us into a resolutely rock universe.
Edgär is dead is a declaration of love to the rebellious waves from England that break over rainy cities.
Their musical references, from the Strokes to the Arctic Monkeys via the Hives, shine through on this album, where nostalgia serves satire and romanticism gives way to sweat.
Melody still dominates every track. Edgär's trademark vocal harmonies are set in marble on his tombstone.
Two EPs, one album, seven million streams and over 200 concerts with Sting, Mika, M, Kyo, to name but a few. So much for the CV of these Amiens, who are writing a new page in their history.
With this new album, Edgär awakens the teenager in all of us!