Riptide Records

Originally created in 2014 as a YouTube music channel, Riptide Music has gradually grown and diversified. Riptide Records is the label of the Riptide Music group. Launched at the end of 2017, Riptide Records is part of an indie, pop and electro aesthetic.
The label specializes in artistic development and aims to offer a quality catalog. With its vast musical network nourished by an abundance of submissions and its knowledge of the music industry, Riptide Records cultivates its specialty: unearthing young talents. The label, made up of artists and players from the world of music, supports its artists both in terms of creation and on the marketing aspect.
Currently, the works that make up the Riptide Records catalog have generated more than 500 million plays and the structure has a quintuple diamond disc (“Antoine Chambe – Easy Come“) and a gold disc (“ Antoine Chambe – Andalusia“) for export.
At the start of 2020, the structure launched two new labels: Riptide Originals (House / Disco) and Riptide Deep (Deep House / Techno).


Riptide Publishing

Founded in 2018, Riptide Publishing is the publishing house of Riptide Music. Created by songwriters, Riptide Publishing aims to support and engage all its energy and know-how to reveal new talents. Among these talents are the new headliners of the French Touch (NHYX, Revers Gagnant, Antoine Chambe) but also the new generation of French rock (Edgär, After Geography) and future pop stars (Charlotte Fever, Tomode, Savion).
Building on its international successes (7 diamond discs and 1 gold disc for export – CNM 2022) and its synchronizations (Yves Saint Laurent, Gray Goose, Fifa, Netflix, Amazon, Kickers…) Riptide Publishing is starting to expand. establish a lasting presence in the French editorial landscape.
The structure continually works to look for opportunities in the processes of creation and dissemination of works. Riptide Publishing regularly offers the songwriters it supports the opportunity to participate in writing seminars (France, Malaysia, Taiwan, Poland, Austria, etc.). She also organizes them through Riptide Music Week.
The Riptide Publishing team is also present at the main European music conventions in order to expand its network (music supervisors, agents, etc.) and to support the international tours (Europe, Asia, Central America, etc.) of the artists with whom it collaborates.