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Lucas Ghanem, aka Revers Gagnant, is one of the new ambassadors of the French Touch. His refined house music brings a breath of fresh air to the French and international electro scene. His tracks have made a name for themselves with live performances on Cercle, as well as on the airwaves (Virgin Radio, Radio FG, Galaxie...).

In 2016, following the success of his remixes on soundcloud, Revers Gagnant signed to Riptide Records. He released a debut EP entitled 'Grand Chelem' consisting of 4 tracks (each track corresponding to Grand Slam tournaments). Roland Garros', on which Pedro Winter's voice is appended to the track, met with great success and led to him being invited by Cercle to perform live on the beach in Nice.

In 2017, the French producer teamed up again with Darlinn (co-composer of 'Roland Garros') to create the hit 'Paris Rooftops'. Once again, the French producer is a hit. The track currently has over 7 million listens online. On its release, Spotify named it 'Song of the Day'. Paris Rooftops' will also be used by the Vivelle Dop brand as part of its 'Plaqué Brillant' TV advertising campaign.

In order to digest this new-found fame, Revers Gagnant then took its time to produce its second EP. In May 2019, he signs his return with 'Paradis Bleu'. A feel-good track made in France that is now resonating abroad. Indeed, the track is being used by the Alliance Française as part of its French language training courses. The track will receive extensive airplay and will be featured on a second EP entitled 'Bord de l'eau', to be released in 2020.

Currently, Revers Gagnant is preparing to release an album entitled 'Premier Set' at the end of 2021. With a view to breaking new ground, the French producer has surrounded himself with renowned topliners (Bassette, Crenoka) and prestigious beatmakers (Mounika, Jean Tonique...).

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