Collection: Charlotte Fever

Pop Française – France

Cheeky and torrid French-pop duo, Charlotte Fever has been touring all around the globe, defying the morosity of everyday life with shiny costumes and tropical grooves.

After shows in Taipei, Tokyo and Seoul, a sold-out Parisian show and a marathon tour featuring dates in France of course, but also Estonia, Latvia, Andorra, Spain, Austria and Czech Republic, Cassandra and Alexandre will hit the road again this summer for a tour that will end in front of 15,000 people on the F'Estivada stage in Rodez, after a swing through Germany at c/o pop festival.

True to the fiery and witty aesthetic that has already won over Netflix's show "Emily in Paris", Charlotte Fever has unveiled its debut album “Paris cyclone” on November 10 which earned the duo a nomination for the Benoit Brayer 'New Talent of the Year' award in 2024. Taking a more rhythmic musical direction, with more assertive voices and vocals, Charlotte Fever manages to take their heady melodies into new realms without losing the languorous warmth that clings to them.