Collection: After Geography

Brit-Pop / Rock – France

They could have lived and met six decades ago, somewhere between a Beatles concert and the zinc counter of an English pub: After Geography is a duo made up of two 90s kids with a retro, dandy-foot allure, for whom playing music together is a matter of course. Julien Méret and Nicolas Baud's fervent passion for songwriting and British pop-rock from the 60's to the 90's is what brings them together. These influences have been infusing their music since n 2021, between the release of two 3-track maxi 45s and a fifty-date tour.

Making songs, giving them a voice and a texture, a body and an envelope: this is the leitmotif of After Geography, for whom writing is as much a matter of intuition and spontaneity as of necessity. In their lyrics, the duo explore, with falsely casual self-mockery, the ares of a generation a little lost: if depression is the evil of the century, then After Geography transforms it into a zany character or redraws its contours in the imaginary and the metaphorical.

With a wild but never shrill sound, sophisticated pop arrangements and acid rhythms, the duo play with vocal harmonies and sprinkle their music with melodic bass and ever-subtle guitar. But to try and describe the style of After Geography would perhaps be, in a sense, not to fully grasp it. Britpop or Glam Rock, a touch of folk in intent, sometimes punk in energy: for After Geography, after all, it doesn't matter what genre, as long as there's music. And it's to serve it better that the duo surround themselves with two live musicians, giving their songs a new, rawer, rockier and more primal dimension.